Muang Sing English

On the next day I bought a bus ticket to Muang Sing but its not like a Bus, it is a mini Van. When I saw in to the Van, I thought … Oh … its full there is no place for me! But that was wrong there was a place… ^^ I sat there with 19 local people in a Van for 11 people and that for two hours! I had a little bit of luck because there were a lot of children in the car and they didn’t need a lot of space but also it wasn’t that comfortable. I sat with 2 women, 1 man and two children in the back. The men sat next to me and his mouth smelled a lot and also when he slept, his hands kept falling down the whole time on my leg. The smell from his mouth was getting stronger than before because he slept. Someone in front of me started to puke and threw the plastic bag on the street. (Its normal for the people here to puke because of the bad streets and also is it normal to throw garbage on the streets, nobody cares about it) The street to Muang Sing was the first bad street I had, its like … it can break your neck.

With all that stuff I really enjoyed the tour only the falling hand with the smelling mouth kept annoying me. When I got to Muang Sing I didn’t saw any other tourist there and that for the next 36 hours! That was all what I wanted. I checked in in a cheap Guesthouse and started to explore the city by walking! The kids were running to me and screamed hello and laughed a lot, they were very friendly and I felt comfortable with the city but there was not a lot to see, thats why I enjoyed the luxury moment to hear music, looking films and smoking at the balcony.

In the evening I did my first mistake and didn’t leave the light on in the toilet. And when I went to the toilet I met 3 cockroaches in the bathroom… Oh my goodness… no thank you … I will wait until morning. I left the light on and closed the door but that didn’t help cos the toilet door was wrecked … ^^ I got into my bed and thought what is helpful to keep me safe from the cockroaches and then I saw the mosquito net. I threw all my stuff in the small bed and fixed the net under the mattress. You have to be sure they don’t get into your bag pack and hatch eggs there…^^ At the nighttime, still watching films in a uncomfortable position with the bags, I heard a noise behind me and yeah… All the hope for a cockroachless room was gone!I saw the first one… Ahhhhh I hate that, hate, hate…^^ you can hurt them 20 times and they will be still alive! I tried that in Luang Nam Tha and it was awful

On the next day I got my first really good local food from the old lady from the Guesthouse.With a lot of garlic! I Love Garlic!

I rented a bicycle to explore the countryside…Yeah the bicycle wasn’t that good and thats makes it strenuous but it was also a really beautiful view. Laos is a dream with all that mountains and trees, its a beautiful dream. The people are very friendly curious. The most of the people lives in bungalows in small villages, there live really unassuming and didn’t have a lot of stuff like the European. What we have in our world is perverse and makes not any sense. I wished we would do more for our self and thinking about what we are doing! I mean what you need is not a new car, furniture or anything else! Its not important you can live without all that stuff…

In the evening I met a french guy (and here again, forgot the name) and he wanna to go in the same direction! He was very friendly and we had a easy conversation but we hadn’t the same flow! Also we met a other group of tourist and we got with them to a restaurant and they paid for our beer.

On the next day I met the french guy for breakfast and got together to the bus station and on this time it wasn’t that full! I sat on the window and the french guy in the middle, he was a little bit unlucky cos the women behind him started to puke and that a lot. On the next stop she tried to throw the plastic bag out of the car (It was not closed) Soon as he saw it he sat on my womb and was scared about she would do it! But in the end she noticed its impossible and doesn’t do that, I think that was an good idea.

After the rumble car tour we got to Luang Nam Tha and got with a Tuk Tuk to the next bus station

What I also wanna to tell about Luang Nam Tha! It was the first time I Imagen how broken the country is. You have to look where you going there are big holes in the street and sometimes the Gullydeckel are lost and yeah… if you don’t looking then you can fall into and that will hurt, for sure. The electricity is also more a skill object. Nobody have a plan what happing with all that cabels. You buy the petrol in a old oilbottle and yes there are petrol stations. That isn’t only in Luang Nam Tha but on that place I regonized whats happing. Here are no rules on the street, they driving if its red and also they are not in the right direction, but its working. You have to look more but it is possible to get alive across the street.

I like that place and I like Laos (only the cockroaches are bad ^^)







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