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Its my first time to write my blog in English please forgive me my grammar and my bad sentence! I need more practice ….^^ also it is a old story I have to write a lot the next time and I will be do that!

Sometimes I m a little bit scared about the time to not meet nice people again and again! But on this time I m happy because I was only one day alone in Chiang Mai! I had my breakfast in my Guesthouse and Peter came to me and asked me to sit there! Peter comes from Australia and he is a really really nice respectful guy! It wasn t hard to start a conversation with him! We spoke about everything and he have a kind of my opinions unless the vegetarian stuff! He need the tasty chicken 🙂 He understood me but told me to care of my healthy!

He is very often in Chiang Mai and helped me with information about the city and told me a lot about the life here! Where I can eat or where I can find a good travel agency etc! It wasn t hard to open minded, he make me be open!

In the evening we met again because I want to saw the football game! He don t like it very much but he want to enjoy me! In the Chiang Mai Saloon we met Marco! Marco live here in Chiang my with his girlfriend Kikie but he comes from Germany! Marco was a nice guy too and we met in the morning again for breakfast!

I talked about everything with Marco especially the Thai stuff! Now I know more about the Thais but I don’t want talk about in the blog! Because I have my own opinion too and that is not good to write it down! But I mean it not in the bad way …

Marco have 2 bikes and we drove to the hill with the Tempel! Is a really nice view about Chiang Mai! And I could drove by myself. It wasn t fast because I was scared to broken something and Im scared in the corners ^^ but it is a lot of fun I want more …

On the next day Peter came across to the Guesthouse! We spoke about Thai massage and then he brought me to some place. And I had the first professional massage in my life… its really nice and I want more then a hour!


On the next day I went to a Nationalpark with swimming Bungalows with Marco, Kikie and  Sam. Its Low season now and that why it was empty we had the place for us alone! I saw the nicest stars in my life and two falling stars!

It was really hard for me to leave Chiang Mai because I wanted more time with Peter and Marco! But I have to go because my Visa was going down!



On my way to Chiang Kong the border from Thailand to Laos, the bus driver let us out in Chiang Rai to see the white tempel ! The hole way was really hard because we had someone in the car  and he fart the hole time the hole way! Not the noisy one the smell one… After 6 hours it makes me crazy. In the beginning I thought it was the driver because normally you take care of the others  but no he wasn t… and you know how I know… ^^



I shared a room with him in Louang Namtha… ^^

to be continue

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