Luang Nam Tha Englishversion

Luang Nam Tha English

After a really hard day with a 10 hours bus tour I stayed in Luang Nam Tha…I forgot the Name of the farter, he was from Finland I call him Finn! When we arrived in Luang Nam Tha, he was an Unsympathetic might be quite friendly but still difficult to like because he was displeased with the taxi driver! The taxi driver doesn’t understand us and pick us out in the middle of the city… oh my… here are everywhere Guesthouses why you so unfriendly??… He doesn’t give him the full money ^^ not nice… Finn wants to leave the next day because he has a different way and I was really happy about that! It’s not like I don t like him… but yeah it was a wrong time and not that person I want on that day!

After he left I looked for a different Guesthouse because that Guesthouse was quiet expensive! You have to pay for a double room because the most Guesthouses have no single rooms! After I found something I wasn’t long alone… I run across the street and find a bar with Trekking tours… The bar belongs to a New Zealand couple. There open the bar, I think, for a 1 year ago and helped the people in the city. There helped to write the signs and other stuff. Very nice couple.

In the Bar there was a guy, he comes from Netherlands and his girlfriend comes from South America. (I forgot the names ^^) There booked a Trekking tour for the next day I followed them and signed me up for the next day… on this time it was very expensive because we needed more people  for a cheaper price, now it cost 70€. But we were lucky because we meet a couple from the USA and a guy from Switzerland! After that it cost only 40€…

It was a 2 day trip! On the first day we had a Kayak tour and a home stay in a bungalow belongs to a family in a village! On the second day trekking in a jungle! Before we started there told us the Kayak tour is really easy because we go with the river… ^^ but we had not much water in the river! It’s the beginning of the rain season and it didn’t rained a lot since I’m here!  It was really hard and the Kayak with Manuel and me rotate the whole time, around and around… at any time we gave up and don t against the Paddle anymore! We make fun of it. We got a picnic on Banana leafs and ate with our fingers… I like it

After the picnic it was a little bit easier because there were turbulent flows! We got some streams with the backward because the whole time we rotate! And I don t know how we make that but we did, the Kayak turns and put us out in the river! In the beginning I told: nobody gets me in the water because it was really dirty! Yeah now I was in the river and we laugh about us and I had to see it was really refreshing! The Village people wash everything in the river with chemicals and put trash in it! But there have no other chance and nobody tells them it is wrong what there did! I think in a few years the River will be really poisoned… and that water is also the drinking water! Sometimes I felt so sorry about the people but you cant do anything because there is not a way now… everything is corrupted and if you spend money the people don’t get it!

Manuel and I had a lot of funny situations, one of them was for example- he put me straight in a bush and it feel like there coming 20 spiders on the Kayak! I sprung straight away on his womb! A picture for laughing! And sometimes I full over between his legs when the stream has been to strong! A big thank you to Manuel – without you it wont be like that!!!

When we get to the village the kids came to us and laugh and screamed sabaai dii… Everyone was really friendly and that was a good feeling for us! We get a place in a Bungalow with the family! After the hello there started to cook for us and again we eat with our fingers! The women from that family had a lot of handmade stuff! I get a small bag there! We get early to the bed because everyone was really tired! Exactly on this time it starts to rain… and I thought: … maybe it will be hard on the next day! The rain didn’t stop the whole night! That means it will be a hard slippery jungle tour!

When I sit on the Bungalow steps after the breakfast I saw a chicken there attacked a baby chicken! I don’t know why but I don’t have to! The baby chicken started to bleed and another big chicken came, maybe the mommy! After that, the attack chicken let the baby go but that little thing can’t move anymore! When I saw that my heart was broken and I felt like I have to help them! I went to the baby and it was screaming because there was also scared about me! I pick the baby up touched it a little bit and let it go! The baby started to run, it’s alive! Wuhu! It only lays on a his backward and that was the only thing it can t move!

And I have to say I was shocked about what there did with the animals! There really don’t nice to them! A pig was really in stress because they put them on a tree with two legs and he screams a lot because it was hurting him! Also the Baby dogs are really scared about humans! Sometimes there eat the dogs and nobody touch them in a nice way! I touch them and the dogs liked it!


When the Tuk Tuk was coming we start our Trekking tour! There put us out in the middle of no where! In the beginning I didn’t notice we had to across the River and now the River was higher and stronger! The Guides takes our shoes to the other side and coming back for holding hands to safe us without falling! It hurts a lot because if you go with your naked feets over stones then it cuts sometimes in your skin! We needed a lot of time because there was three points we had to across the River after that we started our Trekking tour! I told you before that was my first tour in a jungle everyone else did that before and was in training! One Guide was in the front and the other one in the back! The Guide in the front started really fast and it wasn’t an easy way because we went really straight up in the top with a slippery way! Oh my goodness in this moment I damned smoking and damned the sport I didn’t do the last time! I swear to myself I will never smoke again…^^

After 30 minutes it started to rain a lot and that keeps the whole tour! The rain destroyed the way and makes that harder! In the beginning I was in the middle from the group but it changed after a short time and I was the last one and I had the Guide for me alone! – that means  everyone else had breaks to waiting for me and if I got there I had sometimes only a 5 minute break…  you can’t keeping with the group but it was OK! I had the whole rain forest for me alone, only my Guide was there and he was really nice and saved me a lot! It was sometimes really dangerous coos I told you: rain rain rain! If we going down he had to hold my hands on some places, it was impossible for me to not falling down! Sometimes he was really scared about me and sprung a lot after me to holding me! That was a really nice tour I had a lot of fun and that tour showed me where my limit is and  I have to say it can be harder, it wasn’t my limit but it wasn’t that far anymore! I saw no animal’s coos every animal hide for the rain! I saw only one spider (Manuel waited for me to show me that spider- Thank you very much: P) and also I was the hole time only in my head to keep me alive: D! In the End we had to across the River again but on that time with a boat! One Guide swims on the other side to get the boat! I thought no… I m dirty, sweaty and wet from the rain lets go swimming in the dirty river! Wow that river was really strong I had luck it wasn’t that far to the other side coos I needed a lot of strength to get there…

In the city we get a Cocktail for free and after that we went to an Indian restaurant! And in that restaurant I make the first mistake with the food! I wasn’t that hungry and ate only the half plate and thought … oh yeah… get it at home and eat it on the next day! When I ate it on the next day it smelled a little bit but I thought my stomach can make it! Oh my goodness I never had such like stomachache before!

In the night I want to see the German football game and sit outside in the garden coos in the garden was the TV from the Guesthouse! There sit a group with people and one of them asks to enjoy them! I thought yes it will be nice but it wasn’t that nice, in the first 2 minutes I didn’t like that guy and the other didn’t talk to me! That guy came from Israel and started a discussion about the problems there! He didn’t understand the other side, he only find his side better and everyone else have to say thank you! One girl of them knows a lot about the problems and also travelled there and she wanted to understand and accept the different opinions but it was impossible! I didn’t talk with them! I only hear what they’re saying…. After an hour I left the group and went to the TV and waited of the game! The conversation needed 4 hours and I was happy to sit outside! I saw the game alone and that was a little bit boring but nobody wants to keep them awake until 4 am! And I can understand that!

On that time I felt I need a little bit time for me alone and thought I have to go to Muang Sing…coos that are a really small village in the north on the border to China and Myanmar!

To be continue


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